Yahoo! in favor of open instant messaging standard XMPP

Posted by Mickaël Rémond on July 08, 2008

After its experiments on XMPP, Yahoo! now admits that instant messaging interoperability is needed and that XMPP is the most likely protocol to support federation of instant messaging platforms.

Yahoo's new head of communications products Scott Dietzen recently gave an interview to CNET. Scott comes from Zimbra, a communication company that use XMPP in its communication. Now that Zimbra has been acquired by Yahoo!, the believe of XMPP as the best candidate for instant messaging protocol has spread.

As reported by CNET, Dietzen said in an interview: "I believe XMPP is the right platform through which to deliver interoperability with at least some of our partners."

When asked about SIP / SIMPLE protocol, he adds: "There are two competing potential standards, XMPP and...SIP. If I were betting, I'd bet on XMPP emerging as the likely framework for adoption."

This interview confirms that things are moving in the XMPP direction at Yahoo!, as previously reported.

You can get more details on CNET article: Yahoo's encouraging words for IM standards