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XMPP servers by the numbers

Nicolas Vérité - January 31, 2013

IMtrends is indexing the XMPP/Jabber servers on the internet.

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Details on MSN’s XMPP server

Nicolas Vérité - September 15, 2011

Mickaël posted yesterday On MSN / Live Messenger adopting XMPP. Today, we'll dig a little more in technical details.

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Facebook, Drop.IO and XMPP

Mickaël Rémond - November 11, 2010

Facebook has recently bought the online service Drop.IODrop.IO is a real time online collaboration and file sharing service.

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The browser as king of the communications castle

Mickaël Rémond - September 22, 2009

The second web war opens with Microsoft releasing Office suite for the Web.

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Browser data centralization with XMPP

Nicolas Vérité - August 04, 2009

Google has announced today that they will use XMPP as a synchronization protocol for Chrome browser.

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Google Wave: Another step toward XMPP powering the real time web

Mickaël Rémond - May 29, 2009

Google presented its new Wave federated collaboration platform at Google I/O conference.

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