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XMPP getting high profile: Cisco Announces Definitive Agreement to Acquire Jabber Inc

Mickaël Rémond - September 19, 2008

The news is official now: Cisco today announced its intent to acquire privately held Jabber, Inc.

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EQO study: Global Instant Messaging Market Share

Mickaël Rémond - September 02, 2008

The mobile instant messaging developer EQO gathered data on the number of connections per instant messaging network through their client. The result has been summarized in a global map of instant messaging networks usage in the world.

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Instant Messaging as a social research tool: Study revives six degrees theory

Mickaël Rémond - August 25, 2008

According to a recent study by Microsoft into instant messaging habits it takes only six steps to link everyone together.

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Usage estimation of public XMPP servers per domain

ProcessOne - July 18, 2008

Based on data gathered by our IMtrends search engine, here is our very first "market shares" estimation on XMPP servers, for domains known by IMtrends.

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Yahoo! in favor of open instant messaging standard XMPP

Mickaël Rémond - July 08, 2008

After its experiments on XMPP, Yahoo! now admits that instant messaging interoperability is needed and that XMPP is the most likely protocol to support federation of instant messaging platforms.

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IDC: Instant messaging to overtake email in business

ProcessOne - July 07, 2008

According to IDC, instant messaging is set to overtake email as the preferred form of business communication by the second half of 2010.

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