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  • ProcessOne launches the first business-class instant messaging client for the iPhone

    Posted by ProcessOne on November 05, 2008

    PARIS, FRANCE – 5 November 2008 – ProcessOne, an instant messaging (IM) solutions provider with over 35 million registered users in the world, today announced the launch of OneTeam, which is the first business-class IM client for the Apple iPhone. Built on ProcessOne’s renowned open-source IM platform, it provides business users with secure and flexible access to IM services.

    OneTeam can be downloaded from the Apple App Store on iTunes, giving users access to mobile IM on the iPhone and iPod Touch devices. OneTeam enables users to reuse their existing IM accounts through server side gateways, meaning they can get in contact with existing contacts on AIM® / MobileMe®, ICQ ®, MSN ® / Windows, Yahoo! ® and GoogleTalk®.

    OneTeam is ideally suited for business users as it can be used in a corporate environment with a businesses’ own XMPP server. For the IT department this means they can much more effectively manage IM, ensuring security and compliance, while at the same time giving users the flexibility of using the public IM accounts they are familiar with.

    “The iPhone is fast emerging as the device of choice for many business users, many of whom will require instant messaging capability,” said Mickaël Rémond, CEO of ProcessOne. “Our OneTeam client allows businesses to have the best of both worlds when it comes to IM by allowing users to continue to use public IM clients, but also providing the capability for them to be brought under the control of the IT department so they can be managed and maintained effectively.”

    OneTeam enables users to communicate using the software on their iPhone when connected to WiFi, 3G and Edge networks, enabling them to stay connected wherever they are in the world.

    Key features of the of the OneTeam service include:

    • No per-message charges – OneTeam uses a users’ existing data plan
    • Enables users to access their Gmail® account directly
    • Clean and streamlined workflow
    • Compliance with the open XMPP standard
    • OneTeam can be used in a corporate environment with a corporate XMPP server
    • Users can chat with their contacts on other IM networks

    “We are committed to making OneTeam an instant messaging application that users will love using, so will be continuing to develop the software and introduce new features. We will be actively soliciting feedback from our users to ensure that they have the functionality they need to communicate via IM to friends, colleagues and business partners in the future,” concluded Mickaël Rémond.

    OneTeam is available at the Apple App Store on iTunes and costs €4.99 (£3.49) to download.


    About ProcessOne

    Founded in 1999, ProcessOne is a specialised creator of high performance instant messaging solutions. The company actively develops the instant messaging server ejabberd and offers a high level of commerical support throughout the world. ProcessOne is one of the principal providers of instant messaging solutions and real time communications services.

    ProcessOne’s solution has become the benchmark in the deployment of high performance instant messaging solutions. Solutions are for enterprises who want to deploy an internal instant messaging solution with or without interconnection with existing networks (MSN, Yahoo!, AOL). They are also for online communities that want to improve the services offered to its users. Known for its robustness under heavy loads, the solution is deployed with important clients around the world for building personalised services (Meetic, Portugal Telecom, SIPPhone, Nero) and today has over 35 million users.

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