Our code powers world's largest messaging services

Deployed on thousands of servers, powering from the smallest to the largest products in the world, our messaging codebase is flexible enough to fully adapt to your own project vision.

We can help you build your infrastructure for Chat services or Internet of Things. Thanks to our expertise and codebase, we will help you reach the market as fast as possible, while making sure your can handle your target traffic.

You can host the final infrastructure yourself, or decide to let us manage it and rely on our expert team to help you run your messaging service 24/7.

From backend to frontend

To be successful, your project needs to put several pieces together. Your messaging infrastructure is only a part of your project. However, your users will mainly focus on the reliability of your client or device.

To secure your project launch, we can help you build your mobile client or your hardware network stack.

Consulting Development Deployment


Build on top of standard protocols

We support XMPP, MQTT and SIP. By building your service on one of these standards, you will be future-proof. Standards also let you rely on proven and maintained open source libraries, available for most programming languages.

And by working with us, you are vendor independent. Standards let your switch and test other servers and services. And when the project is developed, we can hand it over to you and transfer knowledge so that you control your IP.

Customer Spotlight

BBC News

BBC News

For the BBC, ProcessOne created and maintained a notification system for breaking news delivery to mobile devices that sends millions of pushes per day.

BBC News and BBC Sports are apps for iOS and Android devices that deliver the latest breaking news from the British Broadcasting Corporation and their global network of journalists.

Thanks to our expertise and dedicated implementation, BBC News and BBC Sports are able to deliver push notifications of breaking news, directly to the screens of millions of devices running iOS or Android operating systems, in a matter of minutes.

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ProcessOne assisted Rebtel during setup and maintenance of the infrastructure responsible for the instant messaging and voice-over-IP.

Rebtel is a Swedish tech company aiming to develop and sell products and services to tourists and international nomads. Its services include international calling, messaging and mobile money.

Rebtel relies on us to power its chat and VoIP offering, delivering affordable and highly available communication services for digital nomads worldwide.



ProcessOne assist Skillz in creating its platform for powering the next generation of mobile eSports.

We help Skillz in reshaping the gaming industry by empowering game developers with a full-stack competitive gaming engine to transform mobile games into full-fledged mobile eSports.



ProcessOne provides Striply with a rock-solid and scalable messaging infrastructure.

Striply is a free messaging app to chat with your friends. Your conversation magically creates an ongoing comic strip!

We help Striply to offer a novel way of instant messaging.


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