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    TeamLeader: telling you everything you need to know

    ProcessOne’s supervision module is probably the most advanced instant messaging administration tool available on the market. Called TeamLeader, it provides clear and accurate information about activity on the ProcessOne Instant Messaging Server – as it happens. It delivers a wealth of statistics to help system administrators manage and control their large-scale instant messaging deployments, as well as diagnose and troubleshoot any problems.

    Features of TeamLeader include:

    • Cluster awareness – TeamLeader automatically discovers existing nodes and their configuration.
    • Virtual Hosting compliancy – TeamLeader is compliant with Virtual Hosting and provides statistics per virtual host.
    • Powerful graphs and monitoring – Every available value can be represented in a graph over a configurable period of time.
    • XMPP packet information – The tool records the XMPP packets flowing through the system, providing administrators with an accurate picture of what is happening or has been happening in the server. This is a necessary diagnostic tool for live server environments.
    • SNMP support – Data gathered by the TeamLeader console can be exported to any other SNMP compliant console.
    • Customisable interface – Depending on the indicators that are the most important in your context, you can define precisely what your supervision screens look like.
    • Extensible by plug-ins – Plug-ins can be developed as extra modules by third-party developers.