Making messaging ubiquitous: ProcessOne launching ejabberd SaaS offering


From ICQ launch in 1996 to Whatsapp acquisition by Facebook in 2014, instant messaging has come a long way. Realtime messaging is now ubiquitous. There is tens of messaging clients on mobile app stores for iOS and Android. And this does not even count the products that have added messaging as a convenience feature for their users.

It means today messaging has become so ubiquitous, that it is seen by mobile app developers, both as a must-have feature and a commodity. However, there is a paradox: such commodity is still a very complex service to build.

ProcessOne team has been working on messaging projects since 1999. We have developed ejabberd, the most popular standard base XMPP server, powering tens of thousands of deployments around the world, from the smallest to the largest ones. However, messaging, scalability, high availability, XMPP protocol intricacies, many factors concur to still make deploying a messaging service a complex business.

Our goal is now to solve the messaging service paradox by leveraging our experience to make messaging platform affordable to all companies, no matter the scale they would like to target.

As a first step toward making messaging ubiquitous, we are launching today a service (in beta) to provide our ejabberd Business Edition as a pure Software Service (SaaS). This will allow companies of all size to launch messaging platforms in a matter of days. Our platform will grow with them at an affordable and predictable price, so that we can remove them the pain of finding a sustainable business model for their messaging features. Startup and brands can now all target even large users base and still control their costs.

The service is launched today in beta: ejabberd SaaS

If you want to experiment with the platform from a developer perspective, guided by ProcessOne team, you can join our Developer Event in Paris on the 4th of December: SeaBeyond

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