Seamless and reliable mobile experience

ejabberd mobile reliability layer helps manage mobile network’s disconnection, message deliveries, consistent conversation on any online device, push notification and mobile interfaces.

  • Mobile network disconnections managed at XMPP server level, with contacts appearing online within the contact list. Thanks to rebind, mobile network disconnection is not managed as an end-user service disconnection.
  • Push notification capability with alerts sent to end-user mobile device via systems like Apple APNS or Google Notifications. If end user mobile app is not running in the foreground/background, an alert is sent each time a message is received via push feature.
  • No message is lost due to a bad network connectivity. Each time a message is sent, the XMPP server checks the status of the message delivery with an acknowledgment provided by the mobile app.
  • Carbon-copied messages allow end user to read all his conversations on each device.
  • Mobile interface libraries for most used mobile operating systems like iOS and Android, to be fully integrated within mobile apps with rebind, push notification for iOS, acknowledgement and carbon-copy.


Exceptional performance and scalability

All the modules that deal with performance and scalability have been rewritten. This rewriting saves 50% of memory and uses less CPU. In other words, ejabberd manages 50% more end users using the same hardware!

  • Complete rewriting for the binary support with the handling of internal data by using less memory and avoiding memory replication.
  • Cluster is better supported with the use of consistent hashing to get rid of data replication. The result is a more effective approach in internode communications.
  • Memory reduction of the data kept in memory for each connected user.
  • PubSub broadcast optimisation with reduction of internal data transfer in cluster setup.

Works with the web

ejabberd supports more interaction with the browser and the web app, facilitating real-time messaging. The use of WebSockets provides the ability to seamlessly send and receive messages while a browser tab is opened. BOSH capability is provided as a fallback for XMPP connection.



Integrate easily with your applications

Now all ejabberd main features like mobile reliability features for instance are accessible from any mobile app or webpage thanks to API interfaces. ejabberd provides libraries, for web pages and mobile apps, to be easily integrated within your own source code.

  • Mobile libraries for iOS and Android
  • Web library with WebSocket support and fallback to BOSH support
  • XML-RPC and ejabberdctl front-end commands
  • Ease of development: Build an app in weeks instead of months.

Provides administration and statistics

ejabberd simplifies critical administration and key usage statistics through an easy-to-use and customisable management module for administrators. ejabberd statistics module is compatible with Nagios, the industry standard IT infrastructure monitoring tool.


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