How to configure ejabberd to get 100% in XMPP compliance test

Your ejabberd XMPP server is a powerful piece of software. But configuring everything requires several steps. Your best place to start is this hands-on ejabberd installation tutorial and this ejabberd STUN/TURN tutorial. If you have specific questions, first be sure to consult the official ejabberd documentation. Testing your ejabberd configuration can be a tricky task. […]

How to set up ejabberd video & voice calling

Last time, I described how to set up ejabberd real time IM server and migrate your office to XMPP chat. In this tutorial I will explain how to configure ejabberd video & voice calling. I assume the ejabberd 20.03 configuration from that previous tutorial as a start. It turns out, if you try ejabberd video […]

ejabberd 20.04

We are pleased to announce ejabberd 20.04. In addition to various bugfixes and improvements, this release massively improves audio and video calls support.

How to move the office to real time IM on ejabberd

During a pandemic, businesses around the world face the same fundamental problem: how to quickly move office staff to work remotely from home? You need an instant messaging (IM) platform like the ejabberd real time IM server. Of course, you can choose other cloud services, but they come with a common set of problems: Your […]

ejabberd 20.03

We are pleased to announce ejabberd version 20.03. This release adds a mix of features, optimizations and bugfixes: TLS support to connect to MySQL, initial cockroachdb support or fix of webadmin related issues. See Changelog below for a complete list.

ProcessOne services continue as usual through COVID-19 outbreak

In case you were wondering, all ProcessOne services and operations are continuing as usual throughout COVID-19 outbreak. For more than a decade ProcessOne has been providing realtime messaging & communication services while its team was working 100% remotely, from various global locations. We continue to do so today without interruptions. Realtime messaging is critical at […]

go-xmpp v0.5.0

A new version of the go-xmpp library, which can be used to write XMPP clients or components in Go, has been released. It’s available on GitHub. You can find the full changelog here : CHANGELOG This version essentially adds support for Stream Management (XEP-0198), and post-connect/post-reconnect hooks for XMPP clients. Read more below ! Support […]

xmpp-notifer v1.0.0

We just released a new GitHub Action called xmpp-notifier! It allows sending notifications to XMPP, and uses our go-xmpp library under the hood. Let’s go through an example showing how to use it. Small example Say we want to get notifications when tests fail on a pull-request for our Go project. In the /.github/workflows/ directory […]

Suggestions for assessing our carbon footprint

Every one of our consumer actions has an impact on the environment and contributes to carbon emissions into the atmosphere. We all agree that global warming is not yet under control and that we must act to reduce our own emissions. However, our first tendency is frequently to hide our face as well. It is […]

ejabberd 20.02

We are pleased to announce ejabberd version 20.02. After a big release last month, this version is mostly a bugfix release.

ejabberd 20.01

We are pleased to announce ejabberd version 20.01. This release focuses on OAUTH support, logging performances improvement and configuration helper, as well as the usual various bug fixes.

go-xmpp v0.4.0

A new version of the go-xmpp library, which can be used to write XMPP clients or components in Go, has been released. It’s available on GitHub. You can find the full changelog here: CHANGELOG Some noteworthy features are the support of three new extensions: — XEP-0060: Publish-Subscribe — XEP-0050: Ad-Hoc Commands — XEP-0004: Data Forms […]

Towards Lean Computing: Integrating Energy Consumption in Application Design

In the quest for better energy efficiency, the applications themselves are often overlooked. Our industry likes to pretend that all technologies are equivalent and has forgotten that the choice of programming languages, frameworks and architecture have a major impact on energy consumption. The observation Today we are all aware of the environmental impact of the […]