Push, Realtime, Riak: Meetups in Paris, at ProcessOne

We have two technical Meetups scheduled at ProcessOne in the coming month.

  • May, 31st (2012) 19:00: Meetup about push and realtime on mobile and web. This is a first meetup of a serie to meetings about realtime technologies and the solution available to implement them. We will present our Push Mail backend, but of course any other presentation on push and realtime are very welcome, no matter what technology is used. You can register here: Push and Realtime on mobile and web.
  • June, 7th (2012) 19:00: Riak users meetup. The meetup is about the Riak NoSQL database and to discuss benefits and use cases. The meetup is organized with the help of  our friends at Basho Technologies. You can register here: Paris Riak Meetup.

Both Meetup take place at ProcessOne Office in Paris.

We hope to see you there !

Let us know what you think 💬

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