ProcessOne launch Push Mail Backend-as-a-Service

Mail is still one of the most commonly used tool, either in enterprise or individually. However, access to mail is usually relying on protocol that are not web friendly. ProcessOne is planning to change this access by offering a new way to get notified.

Mail realtime processing and delivery designed for modern apps

We’ve been thinking for a long time that mail is undervalued due to a couple of missing features:

  • Email is hardly handled in a realtime purpose in a standard and generic way. Some devices manufacturers are providing push mail on some of their devices, but they are always limited in scope (the device or the provider of the account).
  • Access to the mail information is not designed to be accessed from Web application, making it hardly usable in a broad scope of services.

What we’ve built is a platform that is able to:

  • Provide secure access to users email, using either OAuth when available or password encryption.
  • Process emails to make them available in realtime in a simple JSON format suitable both for web or mobile applications.
  • Deliver them to a wide range of devices in realtime, on Apple Push Notification Service (APNS) and Google Cloud to Device Messaging (C2DM).

Here are examples of applications you can build with our platform:

  • Mail client application (either for mobile or web mail tools).
  • Platform using mail as a critical data source : email-as-a-Platform. Ideal use case is for example TripIt (who looks into your mail for trip related purchases), Slice (who tracks all type of online receipts). Building all types of email analyzers is now possible easily with our backend, to analyse email semantic, importance, contacts, etc. If you plan to build social helpers for webmail like WriteThat.Name, WiseStamp or Rapportive, our backend should get you up to speed quickly.
  • Realtime reliable email archiving solutions.

Technically, we abstract usual mail protocols (IMAP, IDLE, POP), authentication modes and we make sure we always use the best approach to deliver the mail notification in the most efficient way, depending on what is available on the mail provider infrastructure.

Simple Push Mail Demo

You can try a demo of our platform with your GMail account, using OAuth to grant us credentials without having to share your password.

The demo is using HTML5 Server-Sent events to stream “From” and “Subject” for each received mail, in realtime. It is supported on most browsers with the rare exception of Internet Explorer and Android browser (iOS works fine).

The demo demonstrate that Realtime Mail in your browser can be implemented in 10 lines of Javascript thanks to our platform.

You can try the demo by yourself on or watch this short screencast:

Have a cool use case ? Share it in the comments :)

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