Archipel introduction at ejabberd San Francisco Meetup

The nice guys from the Archipel project will be introducing the project on march 25th at ejabberd San Francisco Meetup.

If you do not yet know Archipel, you should give it a look as it is one of the killer project running on top of ejabberd. Every sysadmin using XMPP as a chat client had a dream at some point: Wouldn’t it be cool to be able to control all the servers of my organisation by chatting with them, getting status update, etc.

Archipel makes that dream come true and much more. Archipel is a solution to manage and supervise virtual machines. It is fully based on XMPP for the realtime component and thus make an heavy use of ejabberd nicest features.

Here is a teaser video about Archipel:

If you are in the Bay Area on the 25th, do not miss the opportunity to meet them. You can register for the meetup here: ejabberd San Francisco Meetup #1.

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