Beam Community is a mentoring organisation for Google Summer of Code

If you are a student excited by XMPP, high-performance and Erlang, this should be great news.

It means that you will get the opportunity to get funded by Google to work on Erlang open source projects during the summer. Among exciting projects to work on, you will find:

  • ejabberd, the robust, scalable, large scale and ubiquitous XMPP server
  • Elixir, a programming language build on top of Erlang Virtual Machine.
  • Tsung, the power tool for large scale benchmarks.
  • Zotonic, the scalable and high-performance content management system.

ProcessOne will be focusing on mentoring XMPP, ejabberd and Tsung projects. This will be a great opportunity to work with more than 10 years Erlang, XMPP and performance veterans (yes, all at the same time).

Students applications will be closing on the 22nd of April.

More details on Google Summer of Code website and on the Beam Community Github.

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