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Nabaztag SymphonyYou probably don’t know this, but ProcessOne has been delivering enterprise-grade solutions for device communication since before it was called the Internet of Things. IoT market is growing at a rapid pace, and by 2018 there will be more internet-connected devices than PCs, smartphones and tablets combined!

But back in 2008, we already implemented production-ready infrastructure for IoT. Based on XMPP, of course, it powered the community of Nabaztags – ambient electronic devices in the shape of a rabbit that could communicate with text and voice messages, play music and internet radio, as well as speak various news: weather, stocks, rss, email etc. Its community continued to be very live and open, and keeps supporting the rabbits through private servers.

After the Nabaztag project we were approached by Kodak to create an IoT infrastructure for digital, connected photo frames. Through 2010 we developed XMPP-based connection backend for several series of Kodak digital frames.

Another notable example of our long-term commitment to the Internet of Things is the now decade-long cooperation with IMA Téléassistance, a major European player in security and monitoring of individual and commercial property. With the growing popularity of Smart Home solutions, IMA Téléassistance recently entered this market with additional connected products like electricity plugs, light and motion sensors or smoke detectors. With our proven IoT backend, they had the confidence to expand their device pool.

At ProcessOne, we believe connected devices will power the big change in enterprise and infrastructure operations. It is our opinion that your business will need IoT infrastructure to cut costs, empower employees and optimize processes. And we are here to help you do that – See more and contact us today! »

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