Building an XMPP iOS client in Swift 2


Following our patch that lead to the release of the updated XMPPFramework CocoaPods, then the Swift demo, we are proud to show you our XMPP Swift wrapper !

The goal was to be able to create a simple yet powerful messaging app, in a record time.

With the power of CocoaPods and our Swift Wrapper, we, and now YOU are able to do so much more when it comes to messaging in Swift.

The code comes with a complete end-to-end tutorial, so you won’t get lost in the making !

The tutorial is extremely comprehensive and covers both the XMPP protocol Layer with XMPPFramework and the chat UI for one-to-one chat thanks to JSQMessagesViewController open source chat user interface library.

You can check it out here.

Let us know what you think 💬

3 thoughts on “Building an XMPP iOS client in Swift 2

  1. how do I register into open-fire server from application using this library for the very first time?

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