ejabberd Meetups: From San Francisco to Paris

Thank you all for joining us for our first meetup in San Francisco !

ejabberd stickers

Here are the slides of the talks given during ejabberd San Francisco Meetup in march 2015.

A vision for ejabberd

This is Mickaël Rémond presentation on latest achievements and progress made on ejabberd during the last few months. He then shared his vision about the next steps to bring ejabberd XMPP platform to the next level.

Archipel project introduction

This is slide deck for talk given by Archipel Project Team, with Nicolas Ochem as speaker. It introduces the concept behind Archipel, a solution to manage and supervise virtual machines based on XMPP.

Nicolas Ochem presenting Archipel

Second ejabberd Meetup in Paris

For those who can join us at Paris ejabberd meetup #2 on april 2015, 15th, we will follow up on ejabberd features and roadmap.

You can register on Paris Meetup page.

See you there !

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