ejabberd San Francisco Bay Area Meetup

We have a very large number of users in San Francisco Bay Area. ejabberd scalability and flexibility is a perfect fit for startup and we are proud to be powering realtime messaging in the Silicon Valley. As such we have been asked many time to host an event where people working on ejabberd, XMPP, Erlang and Elixir for realtime messaging can meet each other and discuss.

That’s now done and we are very happy to be able to launch ejabberd San Francisco Bay Area Meetup. The first meetup will take place on the 25th of march 2015 in San Francisco. Registration is free and you are welcome to join: ejabberd SF Bay area Meetup #1


If you attend it would be very good if you could have a slide ready to introduce your project in a few minutes. That’s a great way to get exposure and feedback on your architecture, design and features. If you just come to learn and discover, do not be shy, that’s fine as well and you are welcome.

I (Mickaël Rémond, Founder of ProcessOne, ejabberd Lead), will introduce the new features introduce in ejabberd v15.02 and v15.03. I will present the roadmap to show what is the next frontier for ejabberd project. I am also preparing a surprise announcement with the team, so be sure not to miss the event.

See you in a while in San Francisco !

Let us know what you think 💬

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