Elixir Paris #5: OTP architecture, Macros and Docker Packaging Docker

Elixir Paris Meetup #5 happened on January 12th. We have gathered a team of faithful and enthusiastic developers, passionate about programming languages.

Mickaël Rémond introduced a new project that nicely demonstrates various programming approaches in Elixir. FastTS project (for Fast Time Series) is the result of the discovery of Riemann monitoring tools during Paris.ex meetup #3. FastTS project takes its inspiration from Riemann and Phoenix to create a monitoring tool and a Time Series router in Elixir.

Fast TS project and talk introduced the following concepts:

  • OTP architecture for Elixir projects.
  • Using Elixir macros to turn configuration files into a powerful programming language (DSL: Domain Specific Language)
  • Elixir application packaging with exrm and Docker (with minimal image creation).

Slides for the talk, in French, can be downloaded here: FastTS: Étude d’un outil de monitoring et routeur de métriques en Elixir.

If you speak French, you may also enjoy the video recording of the talk:

Meetup ended with discussion around comparison between Elixir and other languages like Clojure or Haskell.

Next Paris.ex Meetup will take place on March 8th at l’Anticafé. We hope to see you there !

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