Elixir Paris Meetup #8 Summary

We add a great Paris.ex meetup in last july and video of the talks (in French) are now available.

We had three different talks:

Rails to Phoenix: Feedback coming from the rewrite of a SaaS application: Thibaut Barrère, Rails developer, gave us his feedback and tips discovered while rewriting his Rail application in Elixir in an incremental way.

Here is the video of the talk:

Slides De Rails à Phoenix – retour d’expérience sur une réécriture d’application SaaS

Background Processing (Exq, Sidekiq): Bryan Frimin explains how and why to use background processing tools and libraries in Elixir.

Here is the recording of the talk:

Phoenix Presence: the real time component of Phoenix: Mickaël Rémond demoed a basic chat server developed with Phoenix Presence, along with a step-by-step tutorial to build it. In the process, he had to migrate his application from Phoenix 1.0 to Phoenix 1.2 and describes the needed changes on the application code.

Here is the video of the talk:

Slides: Phoenix Presence: Le service temps réel de Phoenix

If you live in Paris and enjoy Elixir, don’t hesitate to watch the previous videos: Paris.ex videos

See you soon in a meetup !

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