Fluux and ejabberd BE support iOS 13 Apple Push Notification System from day one

Yesterday, Apple unveiled the new iPhones and set September 19 as the date for the release of iOS 13. This new operating system brings lots of new features and changes, but among them there’s one easy-to-miss update that’s very significant for messaging server operators: an update to APNS requests that enable sending push notifications to iOS clients.

We are happy to announce that today we deploy an update to how our services, like Fluux and software like ejabberd Business Edition handles APNS requests, so all our endpoints are compatible and support iOS 13 APNS from day one.

Technical details

This small but significant update means adding support for the new apns-push-type parameter while sending the request to the APNS. And of course, a respective interface for our customers to be able to set and manipulate the said parameter.

It’s significant because, as the Apple docs state, the new parameter is “Required when delivering notifications to devices running iOS 13 and later, or watchOS 6 and later. (…) The value of this header must accurately reflect the contents of your notification’s payload. If there is a mismatch, or if the header is missing on required systems, APNs may delay the delivery of the notification or drop it altogether.”

As you can see, the implementation has to be carefully executed and tested. Thanks to our expert team and proven processes, we were able to prepare the updates to our services and software quickly and deploy them today, ahead of iOS 13 launch.

Important note: If you are using ejabberd Business Edition, you only need to update if you are already using ejabberd with APNS v3. If you are using the legacy APNS v2 service, you do not have to update at the moment.

Photo by Jamie Street, Unsplash

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