Introducing our Real-time Newsletters

If you have been subscribing our monthly XMPP Radar newsletter, you may have noticed that with every issue it covered a wider area of real-time communication. Apart from XMPP, it also took interest in MQTT, AMQP, many other tools and protocols, other topics like internet of things, and more business-oriented issues of adapting real-time technologies. XMPP Radar also grew substantially, going way past 4,000 subscribers this year, an almost 20% increase in 6 months.

To reflect that growth, we are renaming XMPP Radar to Real-time Stack – a newsletter focused on all real-time technologies. On top of that, we are going to create a separate newsletter called Real-time Enterprise – focused on business aspects, transformation of enterprises using real-time infrastructure, open to employees, customers, business applications and devices.

Subscribe to our Real-time Newsletters! If you are already an XMPP Radar subscriber, you will have an option to update your preferences and opt-into Real-time Enterprise newsletter as well. Both newsletters arrive in your inbox every 4 weeks: one at the end of the month, one in the middle of the month. Enjoy!

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