IoT Studio #1: Internet of Things Explained with Video and Slides

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Here is the video recording of ProcessOne IoT Studio session #1. At the core of the discussion is an introduction to Internet of Things protocols. Here are the topics / questions that we covered during that session:

  • What are the main classes of protocols for the Internet of Things ?
  • What are the strengths of XMPP for the Internet of things ?
  • What are the main XMPP Extensions for building the Internet of Things ?
  • How can I leverage XMPP to build a real device / appliance ?

As such, the session ends with a hands-on demonstration of a Soundcloud connected Jukebox built with:
– Raspberry Pi 2
– Connected to ejabberd
– Client is developed in Go using Go XMPP library.

Example code for the XMPP jukebox is available on Github: xmpp_jukebox.go

Please, send us your IoT questions for the next event !

For those who just need access to the slides, they are on Slideshare:

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