ProcessOne: What to expect in 2020?

As this is the end of the year, I’d like to take the opportunity to share with you how ProcessOne has changed over time and how it is approaching the next decade.

ProcessOne was created to simplify the implementation of large-scale, real-time messaging services. In 2005, the most advanced tool was clearly Erlang. Since then, several technological revolutions have taken place, including the rise of the cloud and mobile.

We have been involved in these revolutions in our own way and built innovative projects for almost two decades, with some major milestones, including ejabberd development and some major customer projects.

ProcessOne Major Milestones

Gradually, we invested more extensively in the real-time domain and extended our technical scope (Erlang, then Elixir, Go and Swift).

But, in the end, it is our capacity for innovation as a whole that brings most value for our customers. This is how we have been led to develop a process and new expertise: Consulting, Data Science, and Mobile Development. We are now able to iterate on an objective and help our customers to imagine their next innovation, develop it and take it over on their own after the production launch.

ProcessOne Innovation offering

In the meantime, the time to move into the next decade is approaching smoothly.
I wish you a wonderful end of the year.

— Mickaël Rémond, ProcessOne Founder

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