Real-time Enterprise #23

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Six Ways IoT will Revolutionize Your Business

Technology continues to revolutionize the business world, and IoT is an excellent example of simple programs making a pivotal difference in business performance. Items connected to the internet can be used to gather data, automate tedious processes, and fulfill many other needs traditionally ignored.

Successful Migration to a Custom XMPP?Solution

This articles describes the challenges faced migrating from a third-party chat to a custom XMPP-based messaging solution for Forward Health, a UK based messaging solution for healthcare.

MQTT and CoAP: Security and Privacy Issues in IoT and IIoT Communication Protocols

Machine-to-machine communication protocols, which enable machines to “talk” with one another so that commands are communicated and data is transmitted, are indispensable to applications and systems that make use of the internet of things and the industrial internet of things.

Global Internet of Things Market Set to Reach $318bn by 2023

The global market for Internet of Things technologies will almost treble in size over the next five years, according to a new forecast.

What Are The Most Significant AI Advances We Will See In The Near Future?

What are the most significant AI advances we’ll see over the next few decades?

Tomorrows "General" AI Revolution Will Grow from Today's Technology

During his closing remarks at the I/O 2019 keynote last week, Jeff Dean, Google AI’s lead, noted that the company is looking at “AI that can work across disciplines,” suggesting the Silicon Valley giant may soon pursue Artificial general intelligence, a technology that eventually could match or exce

Blockchain is the Best Vehicle for IoT

IoT or Internet of Things is a much touted technology these days. All-pervasive, spanning multiple verticals, a humongous amount of data is being captured from all around us by millions of devices.

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