Real-time Enterprise Issue #2

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Why Amazon is eating the world

Consensus is that we’ve hit a tipping point and the retail industry is finally seeing some major collateral damage from Amazon’s monster growth — and mainstream/non-tech news has started giving this a lot of coverage.

Can we chat? Instant messaging apps invade the workplace

New communications tools are on the rise, including instant messaging applications. 43% of respondents said they used these tools at work. Not surprisingly, instant messaging is widely popular in the tech industry, where 71% percent of employees rely on the application.

AI and chatbots are transforming the customer experience

Artificial Intelligence is dramatically changing business, and chatbots, fueled by AI, are becoming a viable customer service channel. The best ones deliver a customer experience in which customers cannot tell if they are communicating with a human or a computer.

UK ‘wastes billions every year’ on failed agile projects

The company questioned 300 CIOs about how they’re using agile project management methodologies and their successes and failures.

How to determine when and why to use microservices

The wave of hype and excitement about microservices continues unabated. Understanding exactly why and how your organisation will benefit from a microservice architecture is an important first step to adoption and shouldn’t be left as an afterthought.

Why open source projects favor new users, and what you can do about it

Every now and then, all developer products (SDKs, frameworks, APIs) will have to choose between favoring their existing ones or new ones. Make the initial app “just work” for beginners with some default magic? You hurt the debuggability of large apps.

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