Real-time Enterprise Issue #21

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30th Anniversary of the Web: Understanding its Core Values

The Web was born 30 years ago. We all know that it has changed the world, even more deeply than smartphones. However, while it is time to celebrate it is also a good time to think about its future and how we can protect its core values.

Getting Ready for Real-Time Decisioning

There is no end in sight to the growing amounts of data in today’s digital world. By 2020, analysts project there will be 6 billion smartphones and 50 billion telematics devices as an ever-increasing number of people access the internet and devices go online to communicate in a connected world.

Scotiabank Implements Real-Time Wire Tracking for Business Customers

Through this development, Scotiabank becomes the first Canadian bank to offer this self-service tracking tool. The functionality leverages SWIFT’s Global Payments Initiative. This enables Scotiabank business customers to track their wire payments in real-time.

StellaService Raises $11M For Real-Time Customer Feedback

The company helps customer support teams analyze and improve performance in real time. With the new API-powered platform, customer service representatives receive immediate feedback from customers through a digestible, social media-like user interface.

IoT Study Reveals Increasing Maturity

That’s the findings of Vodafone’s latest IoT Barometer study. As the global leader of Internet of Things infrastructure with nearly 81 million connections, Vodafone surveyed 1,758 businesses across the globe.

Five Ways to Incorporate IoT in Small Business

Now that consumers are more excited about IoT, the focus is switching gears toward business applications for IoT. And, while there are applications for industrial and commercial use, small business owners may be wondering if this is the time to invest in IoT.

Tech firms ramp up efforts to woo the energy industry

Amazon, Google and Microsoft see old industrial giants as a new source of income. Energy companies are keen to produce oil and gas more efficiently, as they grapple with volatile prices and uncertain long-term demand. Digital investments promise to cut costs and boost output.

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