Real-time Enterprise Issue #22

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Best enterprise IoT examples to follow

In recent years, the Internet of Things has grown from an innovative (and often incomprehensible) concept to a prime concern for many organisations. And that’s hardly surprising, given the potential of IoT applications.

Microsoft acquires Express Logic to help its push into IoT

Microsoft on Thursday said it has acquired Express Logic, a company that makes software for embedded devices. Terms of the deal weren’t disclosed.

How to define, describe and think about IoT

There is no doubt that IoT is here to stay, mainly in areas such as manufacturing and transportation where there are clear benefits to connecting devices such as energy efficiency.

​Four reasons why your company should consider in-memory big data processing

In-memory big data processing may provide the solution to enterprises seeking faster data insights. Fast isn’t fast enough for some enterprises looking to recoup big data insights. After all, not every big data query can wait until the next day—or longer.

Machine identity for IoT communications

An overview of machine-to-machine communication: traffic, identity, challenges, solutions. Machine to machine (M2M) communications is all about direct inter-device communications, through which a robot/machine controls the other machines.

IoT Hunter: framework tool for building IoT threat intelligence system

Tencent IoT Hunter is a framework tool which is developed to gather IoT threat intelligence. It focus on the whole IoT malware analysis life cycle in all directions through static information extraction, dynamic information extraction, and third-party network platform information.

Graying out

For many years I’ve interacted with my fellow humans, I think perhaps more than any other way, via the medium of Internet chat. But in my chat window, they’re fading, one by one. This problem is technical and personal and I felt it ought not to go unrecognized.

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