Real-time Enterprise Issue #3

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Automating really big ideas

We have many problems, few apparent solutions, and could use some novel ideas about what to do next. Among inventors, the flash of genius comes not from nowhere, but usually by analogy — one thing is so, so why not another?

What football site Goal has learned from its Messenger bot

U.K. football site Goal is convinced of bots ability to build brand awareness, spending the last six months refining its bot strategy.

The enterprise need for speed: real-time meets its mandate

Economics 101 teaches us the concept of perfect information, that is, that the markets function best when everyone has access to the same information. In this scenario, no party has an unfair competitive advantage.

Building the digital enterprise

As digitisation matures, organisations are increasingly finding themselves part of a digital ecosystem — which encompasses business partners, competitors, customers, regulators and other stakeholders that exchange information and engage digitally.

Welcome to wireless collaboration

Have you noticed that across the enterprise – from Ethernet to headsets – we’re ditching cables? The ‘wireless office’ is a little like the ‘paperless’ equivalent, something that we aspire to and can continuously work towards.

The business case for customer service chatbots

Chatbots can provide real value to companies when properly conceived and have a tremendous amount of potential to support a business’ customer service efforts.

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