Real-time Enterprise Issue #9

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The Challenges of Building Real-Time Applications

Users are now expecting that applications can update and display pieces of information in real time. Whether you are building a chat application, a website, a mobile app, or a business application, users want to be notified, receive pushes, be able to react instantly and have the user interface always up to date.

Eve Online Chat is Moving to ejabberd

Eve Online, the massive online multiplayer, has decided to replace its custom chat system by a standard protocol, XMPP, powered by the ejabberd server created by ProcessOne. CCP Games will roll out the new service in March.

The Web Can Be Weaponised

The threats to the web today are real – from misinformation and questionable political advertising to a loss of control over our personal data. It’s dangerous having a handful of companies control how ideas and opinions are shared.

Energy-efficient Encryption for the Internet of Things

Public-key encryption protocols are complicated, and in computer networks, they’re executed by software. Special-purpose chip reduces power consumption of public-key encryption by 99.75 percent, increases speed 500-fold.

XMPP Made Simple: Roster and Presence Explained

This tutorial by Blikoon looks at how XMPP manages contact lists and how it lets advertise online status (online|offline) to contacts. It also explores how to impose restrictions on who can see user online status.

Slack’s Bait and Switch

JC Brand, the author of Converse.js, writes: “We all know the real reason Slack has closed off their gateways. Their business model dictates that they should. Slack’s business model is to record everything said in a workspace and then to sell you access to their record of your conversations.”

Messaging is Just Getting Started

There’s arguably more innovation happening in messaging today than any other mainstream category of software. Yes, typing on your phone is a lousy proposition: a tiny keyboard trapped behind a pane of glass and hidden underneath your thumbs. But we still do it.

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