Real-time Radar Issue #40: ProcessOne on Telegram, Fog Computing with XMPP and more

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ProcessOne on Telegram

You may know that we are quite strict with our social media channels. We only have our official Twitter account, after boycotting Facebook years ago. Today, we would like to invite you to our brand new Telegram channel. Here we will send out announcements and news, and you will be able to comment and discuss with us directly. Join us on Telegram!

XMPP Distributed Topology as a Potential Solution for Fog Computing

Fog Computing is potentially harmful towards existing Cloud Computing systems as well as Big Data structures. Lack of privacy and potentially unauthorized content distribution are some of many issues to solve. As a possible solution, the authors propose in the following paper the definition of a new Network Topology as well as a working methodology to reduce its impact.

Setup XMPP Client To Use Hidden Service

If you connect to via Tor due to security concerns regarding your location or identity, you may want to use’s own hidden service address — creep7nissfumwyx.onion.

Hostname Based Proxying with MQTT

An interesting question came up on Stack Overflow recently that suggested a hypothetical answer for how to do hostname based proxying for MQTT. In this post the author explores how to actually implement that hypothetical solution.

Building a Smart Home Audio Notification System

Build an audio notification system to tie in to your smart house. This is a “smart speaker” which can intelligently play audio messages notifying if the front door was left open or if the kids leave their room after bedtime. Includes all code, board files, 3D models.

Avoid Google’s RCS Text Messaging

RCS is being promised as the upgrade to text messaging that we’ve been waiting for, but… why can’t we just use the internet for this?

Watchcom Uncovers Cisco Jabber Vulnerabilities

All vulnerabilities have been responsibly disclosed to Cisco and patches are available. If you or your organization are using Cisco Jabber, update now!

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