Real-time Stack #13

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Poezio is a free console XMPP client. Its goal is to let you connect very easily (no account creation needed) to the network and join various chatrooms, immediately. It tries to look like the most famous IRC clients (weechat, irssi, etc).


Disroot is a platform providing online services based on principles of freedom, privacy, federation and decentralization. The project is based in Amsterdam, it is maintained by volunteers and depends on the support of its community.

Building Confidence as a CTO

Matt Aimonetti writes: “I’ve been the CTO of Splice for more than 5 years now, from early prototypes to today’s 100+ employees. When Steve and I started Splice, I never thought we would get this big. What I didn’t know was that one of the challenges of being a CTO in a post product-market fit would be to build internal and external confidence around the engineering group.”

Microsoft Buys GitHub: The Linux Foundation’s Reaction

Jim Zemlin writes: “This week Microsoft announced that it is purchasing GitHub for $7.5 billion in stock. I waited for a few days to write up my thoughts because this is something that deserves some thoughtful reflection. The bottom line: This is pretty good news for the world of Open Source and we should celebrate Microsoft’s smart move.”

Designing Open Standards with the Minority Rule

This controversial text by Ben Sima about open standards is not easy to access to begin with – you need a browser in private mode to safely accept a certificate expiration exception. And while his analogies may be considered politically incorrect, his arguments are something to think about.

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