Real-time Stack Issue #11

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How to Build a Private One to One Chat App from Scratch?

In this article, the development of one to one chat app from scratch is discussed in detail. The technical stack involved in WhatsApp like chat app are Erlang (Language), Ejabberd (Framework), XMPP protocol, MySQL (Database). The following steps will help you to develop a one to one chat application in an hassle-free manner.

Deploy Bulletproof Embedded Software in Elixir with Nerves

Nerves defines an entirely new way to build embedded systems using Elixir. It is specifically designed for embedded systems, not desktop or server systems. It consists of a minimal Buildroot-derived Linux that boots directly to the BEAM VM, ready-to-go library of Elixir modules to get you up and running quickly and powerful command-line tools.

Connecting an Elixir Node to the Bitcoin Network

Pete Corey writes: “Since I first started diving into the world of Bitcoin development, I’ve wanted to build a simple node that connects to the network. The Elixir programming language gives us some fantastic tools to implement a server in the peer-to-peer network. Let’s see how far they can take us!”

Riot: A Distributed IRC and VOIP Client and Home Server

Riot is a free and open source decentralized instant messaging application that can be considered an alternative to Slack. This article takes a look at features of Riot, installation procedure and usage.

Elixir’s Phoenix Powering a Real-time Web UI

A problem WallarooLabs needed to solve early on was deciding on the tooling that would power our metrics monitoring system. They needed a monitoring solution to provide real-time updates on the several steps a data message may take along the way within a Wallaroo application. This post takes a deeper dive into the monitoring problem and how Phoenix and Elixir helped solve specific issues.

Fortnite: Postmortem of Service Outage at 3.4M CCU

Epic Games posted a postmortem on, among other things, their XMPP outage. They had a situation while mitigating a known instability problem that resulted in overloading a downstream system component and effectively paralyzing presence flow. Without presence, a user who is a friend cannot see that a player is online, breaking most of Fortnite social features including the ability to form parties.

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