Real-time Stack Issue #2

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Riot/Web 0.12 is Released

Riot developers announce another major update to Riot on Web & Desktop: v0.12

Run ejabberd as an Elixir Application Dependency

It wasn’t so easy to make it works on OS X, so I would like to share the list of challenges I faced during the installation. After this, I was able to run it locally, register a new user and connect via XMPP client!

Deep Look Into Matrix Protocol

Matrix is primarily characterised as a chat protocol. This protocol is designed to link up existing chat solutions such as XMPP (Jabber), IRC or Mattermost. XMPP originally had the same idea. But it lacked the various connections to the other protocols.

Time to Replace Slack! Who Will Win, MatterMost or Riot/Matrix?

Slack is the prodigy of the revival of team communication. This is an awesome development. In the begin days of the internet IRC (the grandfather of chat channels) was the way for nerd to have non stop communication with each other.

Gmail Chat was a Much Better Hangout

I remember the time I discovered Gmail’s new “Chat” feature. The small menu at the side of my inbox, with a list of friends I contacted most often. Occasionally, one of those people would become “green” and start a chat. It was like meeting each other, only it happened online.

An Analysis of Criminal Communications Strategies [PDF]

In the continuous game of cat and mouse between cybercriminals and the information security community, the criminals have long understood that they can act much more effectively together than they can individually.

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