Real-time Stack Issue #3

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The challenges of easy XMPP

Over the last years, the XMPP community has had a hard time competing with other Instant Messaging implementations, especially in the mobile / smartphone ecosystems. By focusing a small part of our resources on user experience (UX), we can gain significant improvements.

Introducing (n+1)sec – a protocol for distributed multiparty chat encryption presents “(n+1)sec”, a free (libre), end-to-end secure, synchronous protocol for group chat developed with support from the Open Technology Fund.

diaspora* version released

August 27th marks five years since diaspora*, the open, privacy-oriented social network, was placed into the hands of its community by its founders. One year ago the community released diaspora* version 0.

Power of in-house chat

One of the key things to the success of a service professional marketplace like Urbanclap is the seamless communication between customers and professionals. One of these channels is via in app chat.

Disney uses Big Data, IoT and Machine Learning to boost customer experience

In 2013, after years of development and testing, Disney World launched its MyMagicPlus program. Now, every guest to Disney World gets a MagicBand, a wristband that is equipped with RFID technology and a long-range radio.

Smart factories will deliver $500B in value by 2022

These and many other insights are from Capgemini’s latest market analysis, “Smart Factories: How can manufacturers realize the potential of digital industrial revolution.” A PDF of the report is available here (32 pp., free, no opt-in).

Enterprises are leading the Internet of Things innovation

The number of connected devices on the Internet will exceed 50 billion by 2020, this according to Cisco. By 2022, 1 trillion networked sensors will be embedded in the world around us, with up to 45 trillion in 20 years.

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