Real-time Stack Issue #4

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Let’s encrypt ejabberd

In the days when encryption should be widespread, it certainly would be convenient to be able to create certificates for ejabberd quickly, easily and for free.

Server-to-Server Stream Management Support

Reliability is essential for communication using XMPP. This extension allows to request stanza acknowledgement and quickly resume session. Any messages that were not delivered over previous connection will be retransmitted during session resumption without duplication.

How to configure a universal secure messenger: XMPP + OTR

Generally speaking of the security of instant messengers in isolation from the security of other components of the system is somewhat strange. What’s the use of a secure instant messenger, if your smartphone keyboard immediately sends everything directly to the server of the manufacturer?

XMPP load testing: the ultimate guide

This post will provide a comprehensive step by step guide to load testing a XMPP server with Apache JMeter™. We will cover all the XMPP Sampler features, including connecting and disconnecting, logging in and working with a list of contacts and an online conference.

XMPPFramework for iOS and Mac

An XMPP Framework in Objective-C for the Mac and iOS development community. XMPPFramework provides a core implementation of RFC-3920 (the XMPP standard), along with the tools needed to read & write XML.

Smack library for Android

Smack is an open source, highly modular, easy to use, XMPP client library written in Java for Java SE compatible JVMs and Android.

London’s disadvantaged kids get free tuition via instant messaging

Pupils from disadvantaged backgrounds will be given private tuition for free using instant messaging on their mobile phones. Children from five London schools are taking part in a trial for a new app run by Tutorfair, a philanthropic tutoring agency.

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