Real-time Stack Issue #9

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ejabberd invites students to Google Summer of Code 2018

ejabberd has joined other Erlang projects in the BEAM Community to invite student developers to Google Summer of Code (GSoC), a global program focused on bringing them into open source software development.

Eve online chat is moving to ejabberd

Mickaël Rémond writes: I am player at heart. I do not have time to play much, but since my young years, I have always been fascinated by gameplay mechanisms, to the point I am more interested in understanding the game design than by the act of playing.

Things XMPP can do that IRC can’t

Ivan Vučica writes: This keeps popping up. I’m sure there’s a better article than this one. There’s a few things that I happen to value, even if I do use and like IRC as well. So: what are some of the things XMPP can do that IRC can’t?

Things I learned launching 10 connected objects at Withings

Here is Édouard Wautier advice on how to design a great smart object. He was the lead designer at Withings (now Nokia Health) for 4 years, and when it all began in 2012, smart objects were just starting to become more common.

Smart thermometers track flu season in real time

A company making “smart thermometers” that upload body temperatures to its website claims to be tracking this year’s flu season faster and in greater geographic detail than public health authorities can.

Farmizen helps users grow organic vegetables

Each person gets a 600sqft farm, divided into 12 raised beds. The choices made on the app and the actions taken are implemented in real-life on the field by our partner farmers. When the crop is ready for harvesting, customers are informed accordingly, which can be either self-harvested or delivered to their doorstep.

Badge for linking to your XMPP chat

You’ve probably noticed the coloured badges at the top of project READMEs on Github and Gitlab. These badges indicate various metrics about the project’s current state and its supporting infrastructure. Now there’s a badge for XMPP chatrooms.

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