SwiftNIO Workshop in Paris at dotSwift Conference

I have partnered with the good folks at dotConferences to put together some contents for a SwiftNIO workshop. The workshop will take place in Paris on February the 4th, the day after the dotSwift conference.

If you are coming to Paris for the dotSwift conference, you can make the best of your trip by also attending my SwiftNIO workshop. If you are interested by Swift Server-side or Swift cross platform development, this a good opportunity to get you started.

What you’ll learn

SwiftNIO involves many advanced concepts, that may not always be obvious for Swift developer. The concept have been refined during the 10+ years of Netty development, so despite SwiftNIO being still quite young, it comes with a steep learning curve.

The workshop will guide you through the concepts behind SwiftNIO and the architecture of the project. From there it will show how to build you client library framework as a Swift Package and how to test it on Linux. Finally, it will show how to write a mini server-side framework. The example will be illustrated with a simple but real protocol for Messaging: STOMP (Simple Text Oriented Messaging Protocol).

The workshop will covers the following topics:

  • Concepts & principles of Swift NIO
  • Designing networking application: The role of threading & async / await
  • Understanding Futures & Promises
  • Going deeper into async code: Mastering the functional operators
  • Leveraging SwiftNIO provided components for HTTP
  • Building a simple client library (illustrated by STOMP protocol)
  • Building a simple server-side framework (illustrated by STOMP protocol)

You can learn more and book your workshop here: https://www.dotswift.io/training-swiftnio

Do you want to learn more?

Mastering SwiftNIO will guide you through concepts and practical client and server-side examples working on iOS, macOS and even Linux.

If you want to program in Swift and would like to add high performance networking features to your app, this is the book you are looking for.

Check out
Mastering SwiftNIO »

Mastering SwiftNIO

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