xmpp-notifer v1.0.0

We just released a new GitHub Action called xmpp-notifier! It allows sending notifications to XMPP, and uses our go-xmpp library under the hood.

Let’s go through an example showing how to use it.

Small example

Say we want to get notifications when tests fail on a pull-request for our Go project. In the /.github/workflows/ directory of our project, we may setup actions as YAML configuration files. Let’s make a file, call it for example xmpp_notif.yaml, and add the following contents to it.

First add the event we want to trigger the jobs on (as an array):


Following this, we can add a job that will notify us on test failures. Let’s call it notif-script:

    runs-on: ubuntu-latest
    name: job that pushes test failures to xmpp
      - name: Run tests
        run: |
        go test ./... -v -race

      # Now lets write the notification action
      - name: Tests failed notif
        # If the previous step fails, start this one. Otherwise, skip it.
        if: failure()  
        id: test_fail_notif
        # Use the xmpp-notifier action
        uses: processone/xmpp-notifier@master
        # Set the secrets as inputs
          # Login expects the bot's bare jid (user@domain)
          jid: ${{ secrets.jid }}
          # The bot's password
          password: ${{ secrets.password }}
          # The server we wish to connect to. 
          server_host: ${{ secrets.server_host }}
          # Intended recipient of the notification. Can be a user or room. Bare jid expected.
          recipient: ${{ secrets.recipient }}
          # Port is optional. Defaults to 5222
          server_port: ${{ secrets.server_port }}
          # This message will be sent as a <message> payload to the recipient.
          # It contains a link to the Pull Request page that triggered the action.
          # Test logs are only one click away.
          message: |
            tests for the following PR have failed : ${{ github.event.pull_request.html_url }}
          # Boolean to indicate if correspondent should be treated as a room (true) or a single user (false)
          recipient_is_room: true

That’s it! Now if tests fail on a pull request to any branch of our project, we will get notified through XMPP.

Let us know what you think 💬

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