XMPP Radar Newsletter #6

Welcome to the 6th issue of our newsletter. In this issue we focus on long-form articles discussing the state of XMPP. You can subscribe to the XMPP Radar newsletter and receive it in your inbox at the end of each month. Here are the links we found interesting in December:

Messaging is Just Getting Started

There’s arguably more innovation happening in messaging today than any other mainstream category of software. Yes, typing on your phone is a lousy proposition: a tiny keyboard trapped behind a pane of glass and hidden underneath your thumbs. But we still do it.

Kik’s Plan to Get Us to Ditch Our Browsers for Chat Apps

It’s been four months since Tencent invested $50 million in Kik, giving the Canadian founder of the chat service, Ted Livingston, his unicorn horn in the form of a billion dollar valuation for the startup.

SMB in India Use WhatsApp Power to Generate Buzz

40-year-old Nanasaheb Sheersat sets up his food stall outside an IT park and makes his first plates. Then he takes pictures and sends them to his potential customers and friends, alerting them that their favourite food has arrived, via WhatsApp.

Text Me? Ping Me? Communications Overload in the Digital Age

NY Times columnist Sam Slaughter writes about the weird state of communication on the Internet and how regular people use it in a surprising way.

Implementing State of the Art One-to-Many Chat Services with ejabberd

This is the first published video for ejabberd Advanced Erlang Workshop. In this video, Mickaël Rémond talks about the history of XMPP protocol extensions for group messaging and details each approach for message broadcasting, from multicast to pubsub. He also explains how to overcome the limitations of Multi-User Chat protocol to build mobile WhatsApp-like group chat.

Gajim 0.16.5 Released

New Gajim XMPP client release brings improved MAM implementation and improved security.

XMPP Academy #3 Video and Slides

We recently had our third XMPP Academy live online event. We have answered several questions about XMPP and ejabberd. The full video recording of that session is now online and available for everyone to enjoy.

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