Your Development Infrastructure Needs Green & Lean Computing

Software energy consumption is on the rise. The Internet and its online services now account for more than 7% of the planet’s electric consumption. Usage continues to grow extremely rapidly while energy consumption increases almost linearly with usage. It’s time to consider green & lean computing.

Your Development Infrastructure Needs Green & Lean Computing

As developers, it’s not possible to ignore the problem of sustainability. As a company providing online applications and services for users, we must also make a commitment to reverse the trend.

However, CIOs are currently focusing on the use of data centres supplied with more renewable energy and limiting the usage by users. But in order to have a real impact, the scope of action must be extended:

  • to the design of applications.
  • to the choice of energy-efficient applications.
  • to development approaches that integrate energy issues from the design stage, with partners who are aware of this process.

How can you reduce the energy footprint of your application?

ProcessOne introduces a new offering aimed at helping you to act on several dimensions on the path towards the real Green IT. This new service consists of three elements:

  1. Benchmark and Diagnostic. In order to define a remediation strategy, it’s critical to measure the energy efficiency of an application and to map the most energy consuming areas.

  2. Optimization. This is an iterative process, carried out with the client’s development team.

  3. Measurement and Iteration. The benchmark must be repeated after optimization to measure the optical impact in terms of gross performance, energy balance and operating cost reduction.

Where to start with green & lean computing?

First, learn more about our Green IT initiative and offering. Then, feel free to contact us and chat how we can make your IT systems more environmentally sustainable!

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