What is ProcessOne?

We specialise in developing IoT, Messaging and Push solutions that ensure consistent high performance regardless of the number of concurrent users or devices. And that’s what makes it ideal for critical business applications.

Messaging and IoT

All our IoT and Messaging products are based on the ejabberd platform, an open-source technology that is renowned in the industry for its stability, reliability and scalability. ProcessOne has been working with ejabberd since the technology’s inception and has unrivalled expertise in building customised solutions based on the ejabberd platform.

It is widely accepted that ProcessOne has been responsible for over 90% of the ejabberd code now available. The person who originally developed ejabberd works for ProcessOne, and our employees are among the world’s leading experts in the technology. We not only have many years experience of building customised solutions for our customers, but are also involved in a wide range of innovative programmes to enhance and extend the functionality of ejabberd itself.

Push Solutions

All our Push products are based on an integration between ejabberd and Boxcar, a solution acquired by ProcessOne in 2012, and a very first mobile push inbox launched for iPhone in 2008. The combined expertise and our refinements result in world-class, unmatched performance.

Contact us

ProcessOne is based in Paris, Europe, but operates all over the world. Founded in 1999, it is a privately owned business. If you have any questions about ProcessOne, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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