What is ProcessOne?

ProcessOne is a company specialized in development of early stage innovative projects, with strong focus on quality.

We build your Minimum Viable Product (MVP), from idea to production, whether you are a funded startup or an innovation team in a large company. Our goal is to set your project apart, with a fast turn around, to help you beat your competition.

Mastering technologies that will set your project apart

Our expertise, our broad vision of industry innovation state and our deep involvement in the Open Source community matters for your projects. It allows us to guide you toward technical choices that are both right for the job and set your project ahead in terms of innovation, by betting on the rising technologies just as they take off.

We master a technology set that will set you appart but are on a trend to be dominant in the coming year, in a given domain. Go, Swift, Kotlin may sounds new for your today but are deep and massive trends in the industry today.

And if your project and team requires it, we can even help you with Erlang & Elixir, two technologies we helped to promote and that are adequate for realtime applications.

We can help you with both your scalable backend, but also with your native mobile developments. On mobile, we focus on providing the best user experience by leveraging native platform APIs. We develop mobile clients that are deeply integrated in the mobile operating ecosystems on Apple and Android. We believe that this focus on the native mobile application is what will set your project apart.

Open collaboration, transparency & knowledge transfer

Our development process is based on collaboration with the customer team and transparency, with an agile approach inspired by Open Source iteration, while still keeping the project private and our customer in full control.

This process helps transferring knowledge and handing over the project to the customer's own team when required.

Domains in which we are leading innovations

We cannot be great at everything and have several domains of expertise in which we make a real difference:

  • Messaging, from Chat to Internet of Things, using XMPP, MQTT and Websockets
  • Realtime streaming architecture
  • Realtime web
  • Push services
  • Native mobile iOS applications, especially when they need to leverage state-of-the-art iOS features, APIs, animation or integration with hardware

In general, if you expect your platform to have a strong userbase and need robustness and scalability, we definitely have a great fit.

Contact us

ProcessOne is based in Paris, Europe, but operates all over the world. Founded in 1999, it is a privately owned, self-funded business, that has grown thanks to the trust of its customers.

We are a team of experts, passionate developers, loving innovation and thriving to provide the best applications. If you have any questions about ProcessOne and would like to see how your project can benefit, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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