ejabberd 17.08

Happy summer with ejabberd 17.08 !
This release includes great improvements and new features. It also includes fixes and closes the biggest milestone about refactor we’ve made last couple of months.
If you have issues with 17.04 or troubles using PEP, upgrade to 17.08 will fix most known issues.

New features

Introduce ‘hosts’ option

The option can be used as a replacement of ‘host’ option when several (sub)domains are needed to be registered for the module.
Note that you cannot combine both ‘host’ and ‘hosts’ in the config because ‘host’ option is of a higher priority. Example:

     - "pubsub1.@HOST@"
     - "pubsub2.@HOST@"

XEP-0357: Push Notifications

This module tries to keep pending stream management sessions of push clients alive (as long as the disconnected clients are reachable via push notifications).

Modular cluster

For configuring the cluster new global option ‘cluster_backend’ is introduced. The default and only available value at the moment is ‘mnesia’.

Use c2s ‘certfile’ option

Use the ‘certfile’ listener option rather than a ‘domain_certfile’ for ejabberd_c2s listeners that have “tls: true” configured. A ‘domain_certfile’ should only be preferred for STARTTLS connections.

New mod_muc hooks

There are four new events: create_room, destroy_room, join_room and leave_room.
Note: destroy_room was previously used already by mod_mam and was named remove_room. remove_room is not renamed back to destroy_room for consistency.



  • Erlang/OTP 17.5 or higher is required, and 20 is now supported
  • Make ejabberd_cluster modular
  • Replace gen_fsm with p1_fsm to avoid warnings in OTP20+
  • Fix clustering table reg_users_counter
  • ext_mod: Update spec from custom and allow modules dependencies
  • extauth.py: Fix to support : in passwords
  • Set high water mark in lager for all backends
  • Fix old route record in mnesia’s route table haven’t been remove when restarting in some cases
  • ejabberd_cluster*.erl: Add copyright and fix description
  • Add support of rfc6120 section on node shutdown


  • ejabberd_c2s: Fix priority of ‘certfile’ option
  • Introduce ‘hosts’ modules option
  • Remove unused ‘managers’ option, related to the deferred XEP-0321


  • Fix errors when running ejabberdctl as root
  • Fix set_presence command to work in recent ejabberd
  • Rename stop_all_connections to stop_s2s_connections for consistency
  • Change policy of user_resources command, from user to admin
  • Remove old command calling interface
  • Describe more command arguments and results


  • mod_http_api: Use hide_sensitive_log_data option when registering users
  • mod_http_fileserver: Request basic auth dialog from browser
  • mod_muc: Fix nick bug with MUC on riak
  • mod_muc: new hooks
  • mod_push: Support XEP-0357: Push Notifications
  • mod_push_keepalive: New module


  • Keep disco#info on PEP compatible with XEP-0060
  • Preliminary export PubSub data from Mnesia tables to SQL file
  • Fix PubSub send last published items
  • Fix PEP node removal
  • Fix PEP node identity
  • Fix disco#items on PEP service
  • Fix getting cached last item
  • Add import of PEP from prosody


  • Improved API documentation
    see https://docs.ejabberd.im/developer/ejabberd-api/admin-api/


As usual, the release is tagged in the Git source code repository on Github.

The source package and binary installers are available at ejabberd XMPP & MQTT server download page.

If you suspect that you’ve found a bug, please search or fill a bug report on Github.

Let us know what you think 💬

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