Happy 18th Birthday, ejabberd!

This month marks 18 years of ejabberd development. Alexey Shchepin started ejabberd in November 2002. Since then it has grown to a super-scalable and rock-solid real-time communication server.

Happy 18th Birthday, ejabberd!

Universal ejabberd

ejabberd supports XMPP, MQTT and SIP protocols. It has many built-in features like a STUN/TURN server, WebSocket & BOSH support, a web admin panel. It’s easy to set up instant messaging, audio and video calling, connected devices and more. ejabberd is a versatile solution with a proven two-decade track record. This means you can be sure your ejabberd deployment will run reliable for years.

Together with the ejabberd community we push out regular updates every few months. An ejabberd deployment is easy to keep up-to-date and enjoy the latest features.

It’s easy with ejabberd

Over these 18 years ejabberd became quite easy to use as well. We recently published a series of ejabberd tutorials. You can set up and migrate to your own instance fast & easy following these articles:

You can scale your ejabberd to handle millions of connections and users. Through the years, we have supplied the ejabberd docs with many useful articles. And as always, we are here to help you every step of the way: contact us today.

Happy 18th Birthday, ejabberd! We wish ejabberd and its fantastic community many more successful years ahead.

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