Press Release – Kwaga sells Boxcar technologies and intellectual property to ProcessOne

ProcessOne is entering in an agreement with Kwaga to acquire Boxcar world-class push notification service as well as all technologies, intellectual property and trademark from Kwaga, the editor of WriteThatName.


Paris, 12 February 2013 – Kwaga, the creator of today announces the sale of Boxcar technologies and IP to ProcessOne, one of the world’s top real-time messaging provider for the most demanding and popular mobile apps.

Following this agreement, ProcessOne team efforts would converge to enable the development of Boxcar as follow:

  • Boxcar service is planned to become a key push notification service for developers and service providers for iOS devices and other smartphones.
  • ProcessOne know-how would enable Boxcar to improve progressively the reliability and scalability of the push notification service with their expertise in Erlang and real-time messaging architecture.
  • All present Boxcar push inbox service will remain available in the Apple App Store. Boxcar service will be streamlined, improved and fully managed by ProcessOne. Boxcar app would be optimized for iPhone 5 and iOS 6.
  • Kwaga will continue to collaborate and work with ProcessOne on notifications for its service and on a broad vision of notification semantic prioritization.

“We’ve been working with ProcessOne for the last 3 months on rebuilding Boxcar notification infrastructure for the benefits of our user base. In the process, it became clear to me that ProcessOne was uniquely positioned to bring Boxcar to the next level and that it would be better if they were to keep operating Boxcar. We’ll keep working with the ProcessOne team to bring Kwaga smarterEmail algorithm to the notification world and will jointly address Boxcar existing user base.” said Philippe Laval, CEO of Kwaga.

“We’ve been working in messaging for more than 10 years, delivering large scale highly scalable real-time platforms. I’m always proud to say that numerous renowned brands have trusted us to build their messaging services.” said Mickaël Rémond, CEO of ProcessOne. “The acquisition of Boxcar is an important piece in ProcessOne strategy to enhance our existing push messaging service for mobile developers, product managers and users.”

About ProcessOne

ProcessOne is a leader in real-time messaging and push notification for mobile applications and web. Its simple and reliable platform allows developers to focus on application development and integrate social messaging and push features rather than being forced to develop, run and maintain a complex platform by themselves. Appropriate from developers to the largest service providers, real-time and push services can be deployed in a very short time frame. Since 1999, leading companies like BBC, Meetic, Nokia, Orange Vallée et Portugal Telecom use ejabberd, the XMPP and Erlang-based messaging server, to power their real-time messaging apps. The company is based in Paris. For more information, visit: and follow us on Twitter @ProcessOne

About Kwaga

Founded in 2009, Kwaga is the company behind, the online service that automatically updates address books and CRMs by identifying useful information with email signatures. works with Gmail / GoogleApps, IBM Lotus Notes and Microsoft Outlook and is compatible with all major CRMs (SalesForce, Highrise …). For more information:

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