Our areas of expertise.

Realtime Systems

Realtime Systems.
We have 20 years of experience in building instant communication systems, from messaging to smart devices.

Native Apps

Native Apps.
From experience we know that to fully utilize each device ecosystem you have to embrace native frameworks.

Backend Software

Backend Software.
We have vast experience in creating server-side applications, in different languages: Go, Ruby, Elixir…

Scalable Infrastructure

Scalable Infrastructure.
We have delivered many projects that scaled to millions of concurrent users, events and interactions.

Robust Architecture

Robust Architecture.
Through our methodology we create projects that are robust and optimised for heavy stress-testing.

Our core values.


Customer always knows what’s going on.


Collaboration with customer from the early stage.

High Quality

High Quality.
Readable and efficient code, well tested software.

Friendly Environment

Friendly Environment.
Our work environment is based on trust.

Knowledge Sharing

Knowledge Sharing.
Customer receives all project docs, trainings and know-how.

Our methodology.

Open Source

Open Source.
We rely on standard protocols and libraries.

Agile Architecture

Agile Architecture.
We make project evolution quick and easy.

Production Ready

Production Ready.
Automation, monitoring and metrics right from the start.


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