ProcessOne ejabberd and Boxcar roadmap – SeaBeyond 2014 Video

Mickaël Rémond presents ProcessOne past product development and explains how it fits into a consistent long term vision about ejabberd, XMPP, push, mobile and realtime messaging in general.

For ejabberd, focus is on two areas:
– ejabberd Community continuous improvements and accelerating the collaboration with existing communities.
– ejabberd SaaS turn key solution for robust, possibly massive scale, cost effective, no hassle deployments.

For Boxcar, we will be focusing on developers, offering new services relating to push and bridging with our XMPP / ejabberd skills and toolset:
– Widgets and watches support
– Analytics
– Ability to chat from a push notification

Here is the full ProcessOne roadmap talk, putting our development effort into perspective:

Enjoy !

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