Real-time Enterprise Issue #1

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Welcome to the era of conversation!

The Social Client offers a white paper on Messaging aimed to provide the keys to a connected customer experience. More than 50% of French consumers are now mobile first. Every day, there are 26 million people connecting to the internet via their smartphone.

The good, the bad, and the ugly of chatbots

It’s amazing how rapidly the world of technology can turn commerce and customer service on its ear. Transformational tech is completely revolutionizing the online sales experience.

Four ways startups can harness innovation and disruption

We live in a time when doctors no longer have to rely on costly and unwieldy medical imaging devices to diagnose illnesses. A simple “visual stethoscope” would help them see deep into the human body more easily than ever, thereby accelerating both diagnosis and therapy.

So you want to go digital? How to avoid the next legacy IT platform debacle

Most companies realise their IT systems are overly complex, having been added to multiple times over the years without much effective pruning. The most common response is to simplify systems using new technologies like the public cloud and SaaS platforms, which help to gain speed and lower costs. But those are temporary fixes. Complexity inexorably creeps back over time, due to the fundamental nature of people and organisations.

Instant messaging apps invade the workplace

With the internet, we have more ways to communicate than ever. Email, instant messaging, and smartphones completely changed how we interact with family and friends. Increasingly, they’re also changing how we connect with colleagues at work.

Instant messaging in on-site and online classes in higher education

In the past, instant messaging (IM) was considered “a teen thing” rather than a serious tool for education. As teenagers who rely on IM as a communication tool arrive on college campuses, however, IM usage will become more prevalent in higher education.

The business case for customer service chatbots

By embracing messaging channels, companies will immediately benefit from an “eternal conversation thread” with their customers.

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