Real-time Enterprise Issue #10

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Why is everyone talking about MQTT?

Through this article, we explain the protocol itself and why it’s a game changer for making realtime IoT applications.

Real-life use case analysis of MQTT

MQTT is an obvious choice when we are building a text-based data exchange app. We can go one step further, though, and incorporate MQTT into an application that does much more.

Privacy for IoT with XMPP

This slideshow talk presents the XMPP protocol, and how it helps ensuring privacy, through its built in support for authentication, encryption and consent-based authorization.

The rocky road to OMEMO by default

Why it took more than two years to enable End-to-End encryption by default: the first in a series of essays leading up to the release of Conversations 2.0

Russian court bans Telegram app after 18-minute hearing

Moscow court cleared the way on Friday for the government to ban Telegram, the messaging app, over its failure to give Russian security services the ability to read users’ encrypted messages.

How to fix push notifications

Opinion: Our hatred of those badges, banners, and little red dots has never felt more visceral.

What Erlang taught me about distributed systems

Learning Erlang, and the OTP framework in particular, has given this author a better understanding of distributed systems and their fundamental building blocks.

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