Real-time Enterprise Issue #13

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Announcing RTB, an open source real-time protocols benchmark

ProcessOne is excited today to announce the first release of RTB (Real-Time Benchmark), an open source benchmarking tool to stress-test real-time protocols. The aim of this project is to define an easy benchmark for XMPP and MQTT servers, with minimal configuration overhead.

The fairy tale about a single standard for the Internet of Things

Standards are good. They allow the prices of products to go down quickly, they eliminate the fear of buying something that will not be compatible soon, and they lower the price of services. In a nutshell, standards speed up the adoption of new technology and lower its price. This is crucial.

Demystifying WebSockets for real-time web communication

Websocket is a protocol for bidirectional communication (client-server and server-client), which is part of the HTML 5 API. In simple terms, it enables the interaction between a web client and a web server with lower overheads, facilitating data transfer in real-time.

Understanding push & streaming protocols: XMPP, CoAP, MQTT, and more

Even though Webhooks, PubSubHubbub, and WebSockets are really popular, they aren’t the only options at your disposal. You might find that you need some other alternative that better meets a particular need.

Supercharging Kafka to enable real-time web streaming

Apache Kafka is the new hotness when it comes to adding realtime messaging capabilities to your system. At its core, it is an open source distributed messaging system that uses a publish-subscribe system for building realtime data pipelines.

Chat apps interface: a case of Matrix/Riot redesign

With the redesign Jouni Helminen tried to focus on clarity, better hierarchy, contrast, colour and spacing to help with visual skimming — as well as establish design patterns to make life easier for people starting to use Riot.

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