Real-time Enterprise Issue #20

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Introducing Fluux: XMPP & MQTT as a Service

Today, we are rebranding and expanding our well-received ejabberd SaaS platform! The new name is Fluux, supporting both XMPP & MQTT, in the cloud, as a single service with a unique and simple business model.

Beginners Guide to MQTT

What is MQTT? MQTT is a lightweight publish/subscribe messaging protocol designed for M2M (machine to machine) telemetry in low bandwidth environments. It was designed by Andy Stanford-Clark (IBM) and Arlen Nipper in 1999 for connecting Oil Pipeline telemetry systems over satellite.

Internet of Things Trends and Challenges in 2019

A recent McKinsey study, “What separates leaders from laggards in the Internet of Things” found that only around one sixth of the world’s largest companies adopting IoT are seeing any kind of significant return on investment. New trends and business models are emerging, and the way we plan, envision, and discuss the IoT will likely change in 2019.

Artificial Intelligence Arms Race in 2019

Killer robots have arrived. Admittedly, these ‘lethal autonomous weapons’ are still a long way from superintelligence — AI in 2019 is closer to WALL-E than The Terminator. All the same, the…

Nokia Expands its WING Offering with IoT Applications for Operators to Address New Vertical Markets

Off-the-shelf, as-a-Service IoT solutions eliminate business and technology complexity for fast time-to-market for operators. Four new packages enable operators to rapidly address the agriculture, livestock management, logistics and asset management markets to drive new revenues.

What Does Open Source Mean in the Era of Cloud APIs?

One of the most interesting and unsurprising characteristics of conversations with organizations that have adopted one of the emerging hybrid or “non-compete” style of licenses is that they are universally insistent on being differentiated from one another.

Why Privacy is Important, and Having "Nothing to Hide" is Irrelevant

The governments of Australia, Germany, the UK and the US are destroying your privacy. Some people don’t see the problem… It doesn’t matter if you have “nothing to hide”.

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